Business translation

Business translation plays a central role in any company having commercial ties with foreign firms or wishing to expand its activities 

internationally. In this regard, it is important for a company to understand the documents it receives from abroad given that standards and legislations vary from one country to another. For that matter, quality translations help break down language barriers. Here is a non-exhaustive list of business documents I can handle:

Company statutes

Employment contracts

Standard-form contracts

Sales agreements

Non-disclosure agreements

Expert reports


Marketing translation

Nowadays, marketing and advertising materials are mostly disseminated online. Competition between companies sets a race against the clock in order to stay in the lead. The world as we know it is interconnected and marketing 

companies target people from all over the globe. That is why translation has never been so important. Indeed, the more a translator understands a culture, the more successful a marketing campaign will be. Here are some of the marketing and advertising documents I can handle:



Leaflets / Brochures


E-commerce websites

Ad campaigns for the launch of a new product

Press notes / Press releases

Marketing posts on social networks


Medical translation

This kind of translation requires first-hand knowledge with respect to the medical field under review. Over the years, I have translated many documents that allowed me to gain a significant expertise in the medical sector. Here is a brief overview of the documents I can handle:

Medical records


Medical brochures

Instrument and equipment manuals

Medical trial protocoles

Medical marketing documents


Technical translation

In this context, "technical" is a broad term covering translations for specific industrial sectors. Throughout the years, I have handled numerous projects for the steel industry, the renewable energy industry and the agricultural sector. Please fin below a short overview of the translation works I can provide you with:

User manuals

Technical datasheets 


Technical reports

Technical documentation


Pharmaceutical translation

In the era of globalisation, many pharmaceutical companies tend to externalise their manufacturing process abroad or commission studies from foreign research laboratories. In this regard, it is important for a company to maintain strong and dynamic ties with its 

partners. Only reliable translations 

will enable a company to do so. Please find below a short list of pharmaceutical documents I have already handled:

Research reports

Test reports

Pharmaceutical regulations


Real estate translation

Real estate is one of the most thriving sectors in the world. Today, more than ever before, people buy properties abroad. Red tape and contracts may represent a real challenge for companies and agencies dealing with exotic languages such as Russian. Therefore, I am happy to provide the following types of translation:


Notices of Annual General Meeting

Minutes of General Meeting

Agreements of purchase and sale

Preliminary Real Estate contracts

Lease contracts